Woodeson Drury provides a range of project and cost management services to clients undertaking building projects. These services are designed to best safeguard client's interests and monitor project final cost.


Advice regarding project arrangements, type of contract,

appointment of other consultants and contractors


Acting as Employer's Agent under Design-Build contracts


Preparation of estimates of building cost, feasibility studies

and cost plans


Advice on tendering procedures and arrangements

for contract


Preparation and issue of tender documents to enable the

receipt of fully comparable and competitive quotations for

construction works


Receipt and analysis of tenders received

and reporting thereon


Preparation of building contract documents for signature


Continuous cost control throughout design period

and building process including regular updated reports

confirming the anticipated project total cost


Project monitoring for institutions providing project finance


Advice on building contract disputes and contractors' claims


Settlement of building final accounts including negotiation

with contractors for project variations, etc.